With no CD players in the new vehicles these days you need a new way to play your favorite music.
You can now get all the Chmielewski Funtime original albums in MP3 format on a USB flash drive.
Plug it in and play. It's pretty simple. You can buy preset groups of 5 albums for $35 - $40 or pick out your own favorite albums for only $9 each. If you can't get enough, you can also get the entire collection of 25 original albums for  $125. That's only $5 an album. Check it out.

You can also head on over and download any of 27 albums or maybe you
just want a song or two, Click the button below and check it out,

CFB - Group 1                                             $35
CFB - Group 2                                             $35
CFB - Group 3                                             $35
CFB - Group 4                                             $35
CFB - Group 5                                             $40
Full Package of 25 albums                         $125

CFB-240                                         $9

Cherry Polka
Moje Dekla Polka
Andy's Jolly Hop Polka
Dance Dance Dance Polka
St Paul Waltz
Venetian Waltz
Johann Pa Snippen Schottische
Give Me My Heart Back Waltz
Chicagoland Twirl Polka
Johnnys Knocking Polka
Blue Eyes Waltz
Bye Bye Baby Polka

CFB-241                                        $9

Donnie's Polka
No Beer In Heaven Polka
Smile Sweetheart Smile Waltz
Five Foot Two (Fox Trot)
Sentimental Journey (Fox Trot)
Tinker Polka
Schnapps Polka
Somewhere My Love Waltz
Corn Palace Polka
Ny Darling Ann Waltz
Cassidy's Polka
Shamrock Shuffle (Fox Trot)

              CFB-242                                         $9

Spoonful Of Sugar Polka
Lakeside Waltz
Old Lady Polka
Love Makes The World Go 'Round Waltz
Peanuts Polka
Tiny Bubbles (Fox Trot)
E I O Polka
Neapolitan Nights Waltz
Top Of The Hill Polka
Homecoming Waltz
Happy Time Polka
Please Release Me (Fox Trot)

              CFB-243                                         $9

What Do You Know Polka
Angry (Fox Trot)
Orchid Waltz
Kansas City (Rock & Roll)
Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie Polka
I Wanna Live Waltz
I Can't Help It (Fox Trot)
Blue Moon
Lindy's Waltz
Waterloo Polka
Yours (Rhumba)
Sheik Of Araby (Fox Trot)
Terry's Waltz

CFB-244                                        $9

Rendezvous Waltz
Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
Mexican Polka
Sweet Dreams
Who's Sorry Now
Up The Hill Polka
Wipe Out (Drum Solo)
Blue Spanish Eyes (Rhumba)
Judy's Waltz
Someone Before Me (Fox Trot)
Twilite Time
West Philia Waltz

CFB-245                                        $9

Beer Barrel Polka
Rosalinda Polka
Svetske Se Vali Waltz (We Left Our Wives At Home)
In The Mood
Dutchman's Waltz
Polish Boyfriend Polka
Peppermint Twist
Polish Boy Waltz
1010 Polka
Oompah Pah Walt
Strabane Polka

CFB-246                                       $9

Good Luck Polka
Green Green Grass Of Home (Fox Trot)
Blue Skirt Waltz
Golden Star Polka
Life In The Finnish Woods Waltz
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Fox Trot)
Julida Polka
Cherry Pink & Apple Blossoms White (Rhumba)
Don't Cry Anna Polka
Bohemian Waltz (Cerja Moja Volseh)
Helena Polka

CFB-247                                     $9

When You're Smiling
Dick's Polka
Cira Cira Bin
Lover O Lover Polka
Sunshine & Rainbows Polka
North South Polka
Way Marie Waltz
Sweet Georgia Brown
Oh Susanna (Schottische)
I Love You Polka

CFB-248                                      $9

Among My Souvenirs
Slovenian Home Polka
New Ulm Waltz
Seven Days Polka
La Dee Dah Waltz
Kujawiak No. 6
Salute To Poland Polka
Skaters Waltz
Girls, Girls, Girls Polka
Pepperoni (Rock and Roll)
Over 3 Hills Waltz
Green Is Green Polka

CFB-249                                $9

Battle Hymn Of The Republic
One Day At A Time
Let The Son Shine In
At This Sacrifice
How Great Thou Art
He Lives
Under The Skies Of Blue
Chapel In The Valley
We Offer Bread And Wine
High Above The Mountain
Oh Lord I Am Not Worthy
We Come To You Oh Lord
Adio The Praise Is Ended
God Bless America

CFB-250                                         $9

Running Bear
Mack he Knife
Tin Roof Blues
Donnie's Polka
Street Fair Polka
Help Me Make It Through The Night
Viking Salute
Muskrat Ramble
Carol's Waltz

CFB-151                                         $9

The Laughing Song
Joy, Joy Polka
Strausburg  Waltz
Clarinet Polka
Nutty Landler
Happy Wanderer
Polka # 5
Dzien Dobry Polka (Have A Good Day)
Concertina Patty's Mazurka
Yakety Sax
Clairene Waltz
Lichtensteiner Polka

CFB-252                                          $9

The Auctioneer Song
Bill Bailey
You Are My Sunshine
St. Anna Is A Polka Town
Honky Tonk Angels
Bottom Of The Hill Polka
Playmate Polka
Orange Blossom Special
Maple Sugar Polka
Golden Slippers Polka
Horses, Cows And Chickens
Lucky Polka
Praise The Polka

CFB - 253                                          $9

Country Hoedown
Barbara Polka
Brown Eyes Waltz
When You're Hot You're Hot
Miner's Polka
Haymakers Polka
I'll Give My Heart To You
Holy Moly Overek
Chaj, Chaj Polka
Pete's Polka
Lonesome Me Polka

CFB-254                                           $9

Broken Wine Glass Polka
Red Raven Polka
Snow Waltz
Champagne Polka
Your Cheating Heart
West Phalia Waltz
You're The Reason
Top Of The Hill Polka
Pennsylvania Polka
Novak's Polka
Take These Chains From My Heart
Please Release Me
Triplet Schottische
Corn Palace Polka
The Waltz You Saved For Me

CFB-255                                         $9

Fiddlers Polka
Dead Creek Silver Mountain
Kujawiak #6
Broken Hearted Polka
Turkey In The Straw
Fiddler On The Roof
Louisiana Saturday Night
Cavalier Polka
Back To Chicago Polka
Fiddlers Oberek
Losing You Polka
Hupsa Dyna Polka
Cotton Fields

CFB-256                                          $9

Zosia Polka
Cherry Polka
Wooden Heart Polka
Blackberry Polka
El Rio Drive Polka
Waltz Across Texas
Zivio Polka
Mary's Knocking Polka
Sakkijarven (Finnish Polka)
Return To Me Polka
Grandpa John Polka

CFB-257                                         $9

Patriotic Polka
Buddy Lou Polka
My Alice Waltz
Adamics Polka
Time For Love Waltz
Dance Little Bird
Slap Happy Polka
Minnesota Polka
You And Me (Fox Trot)
If You're Happy Polka
My Shoes Keep Walking Polka
Beer Barrel Polka
Lightning Strikes Twic Polka
Gardenville Waltz (Chester Chmielewski)
Lucky Polka (Chester Chmielewski)

CFB-258                                         $9

Across The Plains Polka
Play Me An Old Time Waltz
Polka Celebration
My Gina's Waltz
Another Broken Heart Polka
Let's Have A Party Polka
Where Did The Good Times Go Polka
Misteri Polka
I Love Everybody Waltz
Pretty Dancing Girl Polka
Yak Se Mas Polka
El Serio Polka
Rodicks Polka

CFB-259                                             $9

Lapland Polka
Dutchmans Waltz
Hangover Waltz
Cotton Eyed Joe
Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen
Das Kufsteiner Lied
New California Polka
Dakota Waltz
Wenn In Den Garten Waltz
Schneiders Polka
Edeilweiss Waltz
European Waltz

CFB-260                                             $9

Ping Pong Polka
Echo In The Hills
Scolding Mother Polka
Gardenville Waltz
Hava Nagila Polka
Peanuts Polka
Lakeside Waltz
Little Fisherman Waltz
Old Lady Polka
Chicago Waltz

CFB - 261                                             $9

Let Me Hold You In My Arms - New Brass
Hosa Horasa - New Brass
I Had A Chicken - New Brass
100 Proof Booze - New Brass
My Pigeon Polka - New Brass
Boys From "Twin Cities" (Chicago) - Dynatones
Four Songs Of War - Dynatones
Our Mary - Dynatones
First Time Polka - Dynatones
Goral Polka - Dynatones
Dynatones Medley Of Obscure Tunes
Old Grey Mare - Magitones
Up The Hill - Magitones
Over The Cradle - Magitones
Walking With My Mary - Magitones
Around The Stove - Polish Friends
Two Bucks Polka - Polish Friends
Please Please Me Polka - Boys From Baltimore
Back To Chicago - Boys From Baltimore
The Boys Closing Medley - Boys From Baltimore

CFB - 262                                            $9

Yakkety Sax - Chmielewski Funtime
Rendezvous Waltz - Frank Schardin
Mesabi Polka - Tony Menart
Canada Wide - Chmielewski Funtime
Mule Skinner Blues - Roger Harrison
Morning Glow Waltz - Northernaires
Helena Polka - Norman Wagner
Solskinnsuals - Royrvik Quartet
Chalet Polka - Gary Kent
Bring Back My Heart Waltz - Jolly Brothers
Saskatchewan Waltz - Chmielewski Funtime
So-viel Schwung (Zip Polka) - Resi Dux
My Shoes Keep Walking Back - Langner Sisters
Slovenias Home Polka - Chmielewski Funtime

          CFB - 263                                               $9

Shout And Sing Polka
Redhead Polka
Let The Sunshine In Polka
Let The Rest Of The World Go By
Angeline Polka
Dance With Me Once Again Darling
Too Fat Polka
Bartenders Waltz
Rosie's My Baby Polka
Crazy Stanley Polka
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Westwind Polka
Waltz Time Waltz

           CFB - 264                                           $9

Sheik Of Araby
One More Memory
Waltz Across Texas
Let Me Be There
Red Satin Shoes
Make The World Go Away
Keep On Singing
Que Sera Sera
Fore The Good Times
Spoonful Of Sugar
Could I  Have This Dance
Once A Day
Only You
Bill Bailey
Anniversary Song
Sweet Dreams